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With many employees working from home to practice social distancing, we have set up this page as a resource for you to use if you need IT support or are having issues connecting to the CMV Group's VPN.

The main objective is to provide some useful advice when working from home, along with some basic troubleshooting guides.

Please be sure to read our guide on computer cleaning as a priority.

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For IT Support Please continue to log tickets via the Service Desk Portal (You need to have the VPN Connected to do this).
The Serivce Desk Portal can be accessed here.

VPN Connection Issues

If you cannot connect the VPN, please refer to VPN Troubleshooting page, please click here
If your issue is critical or you do not already have the VPN installed, please call for further information.

Be sure to leave a message if your call is not answered. We ask that you please leave your name and your number, repeating your number twice. 

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